Noticeable Updates

Markdown Keyboard Shortcuts

by Laurent Pellegrino, Founder & CEO

Writing Markdown is pretty quick right out of the box, but you can now speed it up even further by getting to know the keyboard shortcuts:

Bold**text**Ctrl/⌘ + b
Emphasize*text*Ctrl/⌘ + i
Underline++text++Ctrl/⌘ + Alt + u
Strike-through~~text~~Ctrl/⌘ + Alt + t
Link[label](https://)Ctrl/⌘ + Alt + l
Inline Code`code`Ctrl/⌘ + Alt + c
Image![alt](https://)Ctrl/⌘ + m
Ordered List1. itemCtrl/⌘ + Alt + n
Bulleted List* itemCtrl/⌘ + Alt + b
Blockquote> quoteCtrl/⌘ + q

Read our Markdown formatting guide

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Enhanced Posts Editions

by Laurent Pellegrino, Founder & CEO

We’ve updated the pages to create and edit posts:

  • Clicking on the preview button disable all Markdown action buttons.
  • Markdown action buttons better handle how the text is wrapped/unwrapped.
  • An alert is displayed when other collaborators edit the same post as you.


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Custom CSS

by Laurent Pellegrino, Founder & CEO


It is now possible to inject your own Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in your project Timeline. You can even override Noticeable’s predefined styles.

The option is available right now with the Enterprise plan. Simply open your project Timeline configuration page, then click on the new "Custom CSS" option from the side bar:

Screenshot from 2018-07-12 14-52-35.png

Below are some usage examples:

  • Increasing the font size:
body {
    font-size: 120%;
  • Adding a colorful banner on top of your Timeline:
body {
    border-top: 5px solid $project-accent-color;
  • Making labels monochrome:
 .label {
    background-color: #777 !important;

Noticeable-Zapier 2.0 ⚡

by Laurent Pellegrino, Founder & CEO


We are thrilled to announce the second version of our Zapier integration. It includes new triggers and actions.

What's new?

You can trigger an action to external services when a post is deleted (new Post Deleted trigger). That's a simple solution to keep posts visible for a specific period of time with no code!

Besides, we have added 2 new actions: Create Subscriber and Delete Subscriber. Let's say you are already managing a mailing list with Mailchimp or another service, these new actions allow keeping in sync your existing list with your Noticeable Timeline subscribers.

What's changed?

Post creation and edition are now triggering 2 different events. In addition, you have the choice to trigger an action when the post that is created or edited is a draft, published, scheduled, or has any of these statuses. The default option is published.

What about existing Zaps?

If you already had a Zap configured, you should have received an email claiming that version 1.0.8 of our integration has been deprecated. You have until September 1, 2018 to upgrade to version 2.0.0. One month after this date, triggers configured with a version lower than 2.0.0 will have no guarantee to be executed.

Look at our guide to upgrade your existing Zaps in no time.

Custom Favicons

by Laurent Pellegrino, Founder & CEO

A favicon is a small graphic that appears to the left of the page title but also in bookmarks. Having an image related to your brand is for users a strong indicator that they came to the right place, which can be reassuring in a sense.

Furthermore, favicons save time to your users: when you look at a web page, your eyes notice an image before the text surrounding it.

Screenshot from 2018-06-27 13-35-08.png

Starting Today, we are happy to offer the possibility to set your own favicon per project Timeline. Existing projects have been updated to include a favicon based on their logo.

If your Timeline doesn't have a logo or favicon yet, be sure to upload one from your project configuration page.

Introducing Analytics 📈

by Laurent Pellegrino, Founder & CEO

Since last Monday, all projects are collecting metrics. This gives project owner and collaborators the opportunity to understand what posts are trendy.


The metrics which are collected for now are mainly about the number of views. You can get the total number of views per post or project but also detailed information such as the number of views generated from the Timeline, the Widget or even the number of times the Widget was clicked.

Analytics provided per post can be displayed using different time scales (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly).

We're extremely excited to see how this helps you, and we hope you'll share your experiences with us.

Multiple widget updates 🚀

by Laurent Pellegrino, Founder & CEO

We have made several improvements to the Widget:

  1. Its definition is smaller. Fewer data to fetch, less time to first display. The Widget is now speedier than ever 🗲

  2. Setup instructions have been updated to reference a new script element. Instead of 4 line of codes, a single is now required to import the Widget definition:

    <script async defer src=""></script>

    The async and defer attributes guarantee the content is loaded in parallel and executed after your page is parsed, no matter where the import is placed in.

    Although we recommend switching to the new import script, old ones remain available but are deprecated.

  3. Unread posts displayed in the Widget popup now include a left border. This allows distinguishing unread messages from read ones:

    Noticeable Widget Updates

    The color of the left border is based on the project accent color but can be changed programmatically. You can set it transparent to mimic the old style:

            noticeable-widget {
                --noticeable-widget-popup-entry-unread-border-color: transparent !important;
  4. Widget but also Timeline code snippets are rendered with the Atom One Dark style to improve readability.

Share buttons 🔘

by Laurent Pellegrino, Founder & CEO

When you open a post in your Timeline, share buttons are displayed by default on the left. Until now, only 2 were available: Twitter and Facebook. Today, we have added LinkedIn!


Following the recent data privacy scandal with Facebook, we are happy to provide a new option in your Timeline configuration page that allows selecting which share buttons must appear.

GraphQL API updates ✏️

by Laurent Pellegrino, Founder & CEO

We have updated our API to support posts edition and deletion.

Please have a look at the API overview page for explanations about how to consume the API (authentication required).

We also took the opportunity to create a public repository that provides samples for the most common operations. If you need help with integration, do not hesitate to drop us a message 🙋

Last but not least, our GraphQL schema is now documented.