We’re thrilled to announce that Noticeable publications now support iframe embeds!

Previously, embedding was limited to a few video providers like YouTube and Wistia. Now, you can insert any embed page, making it incredibly useful for including forms, such as Typeform, directly into your Noticeable publications.

How to Add an Embed

  1. Copy your page URL: Ensure the page supports iframe embeds.

  2. Open a Noticeable publication for editing: Click the “+” icon in the edition toolbar.

  3. Paste and insert: In the dialog that appears, paste your URL in the field and validate by clicking the “Insert” button. That’s it!

Where It Works

  • Newspage and widgets: Embeds will render seamlessly.

  • Native email feature: A screenshot of the embed will be automatically generated and attached as a link since email clients don’t support embeds/iframes. When users click the image link, they will be redirected to the embed for further interactions.

As always, we welcome your feedback!