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Multiple language support πŸ‡«πŸ‡· πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

by Laurent Pellegrino, Founder & CEO

Hola, ΒΏque tal? Was geht? Γ‡a va?

Your app or service is available in multiple countries and you want to improve customers engagement by sharing what's new in multiple languages? Noticeable now has full support for this purpose. You can write posts in Chinese, English, Hindi, Spanish, French, etc. there are no limits.

How does it work?

You simply need to create a dedicated project per language. Once created, you can override all default texts used on your project Timeline and Widget. There is an exception with texts related to date and time. These last are automatically translated based on the user locale that is detected on the browser.

Managing multi-language per project has several benefits: you can customize default texts but also labels, collaborator permissions and many other options.

Don't wait to share updates, your users will love you, we promise.

Links open in a new tab πŸ”—

by Laurent Pellegrino, Founder & CEO

We have deployed a small but convenient improvement for links. From now on, links put in new posts will open by default in a new Tab (target is set to _blank). For performance and security reasons, the attribute rel="noopener" is automatically set.

Additionnally, HTML markup is now allowed in post content. This allows, when needed, a fine grain control over attributes used with links:

<a href="" title="Noticeable" rel="noreferrer" target="noticeable">Noticeable</a>

The changes apply to your Widget and Timeline but also with the Markdown editor on live preview.

User segmentation 🎯

by Laurent Pellegrino, Founder & CEO

Noticeable allows keeping your users in the loop about your product. Thanks to the In-product widget, users are notified about new changes in the right context and at the right time. However, what if you schedule a maintenance for your product in Paris and you want to publish an update to users who are located in this city only? That's where user segmentation comes to the rescue :)

Segmentation is a seemingly simple but extremely powerful mechanism.

When you publish a post, you may define segmentation filters, aka segments:

Screenshot from 2018-07-24 12-53-48.png

Then, based on users who are browsing your pages, you simply need to configure the Widget with the desired segments. You can do it statically:


or dynamically:

document.addEventListener('noticeable-widget-created', function(e) {['Authenticated', 'Country:France']);

It's just that easy! Segmentation filters defined on posts need to match at least one segment configured with the Widget in order to be displayed.

Posts with no segmentation filters are displayed to all but posts with segments are displayed to users who match the segments only. Timelines do not display posts which are segmented.

You can also target a specific user if the user email or identifier is used as a segment value.

User segmentation is available with the Business and Agency plans starting Today.

New plans and prices πŸ’΅

by Laurent Pellegrino, Founder & CEO

Introducing a plan for indie hackers was a frequent request we received these last days. Since we are continuously listening to feedback from our visitors and customers, we are happy to introduce a new Starter plan!

Capture d’écran de 2018-01-29 10-44-11.png

We also took the opportunity to adjust existing plans thanks to optimizations we made. In addition, we support customized plans: you can request additional projects, collaborators and API calls for any plans at a fixed price per month or year. If you are interested, please drop us an email.

Timeline subscribers management

by Laurent Pellegrino, Founder & CEO

Noticeable allows collecting email from users who are interested in receiving updates by email. Until now, these subscriptions were forwarded to integrations and the total number displayed in your private Timeline configuration area. However, it was not possible to delete entries or get access to raw data.

Starting Today, we are happy to introduce a new page that enables subscriptions management. When you have at least one subscriber, you will notice a new icon that appears next to the subscriber count:

New Icon

Upon click on the icon, you get access to a new page that lists all subscriptions starting from the most recent. You can also delete subscriptions and download your entire list as a CSV file:


User experience enhancements

by Laurent Pellegrino, Founder & CEO

The public launch was crazy. We thank all people who use the service. Especially, users who took the time to report issues they experienced. We spent the last days enhancing the user experience based on your feedback:

  • The pages are loading faster.
  • A spinner is displayed on lazily loaded pages.
  • Markdown code for images is inserted at the cursor position.
  • Publication date and time on Timelines is based on users' timezone.
  • Improved onboarding:
    • After creating a project, users are redirected to widget installation instructions.
    • Marking widget installation as done redirects to the list of posts.

Note: It was discovered the LastPass extension is preventing pages to render properly. We've reported the issue to the LastPass team. In the meantime, please disable the extension on our pages for a smooth experience.

Public launch πŸš€

by Laurent Pellegrino

After spending the past months collecting requirements and implementing our Minimum Viable Product in private beta, we finally launched!

Noticeable Public Launch

You may wonder what's the purpose of the Noticeable service?

Most companies, especially in the IT world, are agile. They make updates and ship new features continuously or on a regular basis. However, customers may often have the feeling that nothing happens or updates may take weeks to reach the right audience.

Noticeable aims to provide a tool suite to make product updates visible. The purpose is to improve customer retention and get new leads by trading transparency for faster insights.

The service includes 3 key components: a smart widget, a timeline and an integration with hundreds of apps via Zapier. The smart widget allows displaying the latest changes at the right time and in the right context: your service web page. The timeline centralizes all updates and permits subscriptions. Integrations simplify the forwarding of your updates to multiple platforms at once.

Scheduled updates ⏰

by Laurent Pellegrino, Founder & CEO

Timing is incredibly important for organic reach but also the overall success of the content you're posting. Starting Today, you can schedule the publication of your posts.

Capture d’écran de 2018-01-18 15-30-48.png

Once the date time set, you're good to go! Scheduled posts won't be shown, neither forwarded to integrations until the date you choose.

Since nobody is perfect, you can also backdate your posts.