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Enhanced Posts Editions

by Laurent Pellegrino, Founder & CEO

We’ve updated the pages to create and edit posts:

  • Clicking on the preview button disable all Markdown action buttons.
  • Markdown action buttons better handle how the text is wrapped/unwrapped.
  • An alert is displayed when other collaborators edit the same post as you.


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GraphQL API updates ✏️

by Laurent Pellegrino, Founder & CEO

We have updated our API to support posts edition and deletion.

Please have a look at the API overview page for explanations about how to consume the API (authentication required).

We also took the opportunity to create a public repository that provides samples for the most common operations. If you need help with integration, do not hesitate to drop us a message 🙋

Last but not least, our GraphQL schema is now documented.


Filtering posts 🔍

by Laurent Pellegrino, Founder & CEO

Do you have a lot of posts? are you managing posts with different labels? do you want to display draft posts only? segmented posts?

Today, we have deployed a new version of the service that allows filtering posts in your projects dashboard per status (draft, published, scheduled, segmented) and labels. Both filtering criteria can also be combined to perform fine grain filtering.

Posts filtering

We want to make Noticeable work for you, and therefore your feedback is important to us. Feel free to contribute to our public roadmap with new ideas 💡

Customizing Job title per project

by Laurent Pellegrino, Founder & CEO

A new version of the service has been deployed. It allows configuring your Job title per project. It is particularly useful in a multi language context where a project per language is used.

How to proceed

  1. Go to your account page.
  2. Tap on the toothed wheel on the right side of the Job title field.
  3. Configure your Job title per project.
  4. Click on Save changes.

If you leave a field empty, your default Job title will be used.

Existing posts aren't updated with Job title updates. Only new posts reflect the changes. If you want to update the Job title associated with an existing post, simply edit the post and save it again.

Links open in a new tab 🔗

by Laurent Pellegrino, Founder & CEO

We have deployed a small but convenient improvement for links. From now on, links put in new posts will open by default in a new Tab (target is set to _blank). For performance and security reasons, the attribute rel="noopener" is automatically set.

Additionnally, HTML markup is now allowed in post content. This allows, when needed, a fine grain control over attributes used with links:

<a href="" title="Noticeable" rel="noreferrer" target="noticeable">Noticeable</a>

The changes apply to your Widget and Timeline but also with the Markdown editor on live preview.

User experience enhancements

by Laurent Pellegrino, Founder & CEO

The public launch was crazy. We thank all people who use the service. Especially, users who took the time to report issues they experienced. We spent the last days enhancing the user experience based on your feedback:

  • The pages are loading faster.
  • A spinner is displayed on lazily loaded pages.
  • Markdown code for images is inserted at the cursor position.
  • Publication date and time on Timelines is based on users' timezone.
  • Improved onboarding:
    • After creating a project, users are redirected to widget installation instructions.
    • Marking widget installation as done redirects to the list of posts.

Note: It was discovered the LastPass extension is preventing pages to render properly. We've reported the issue to the LastPass team. In the meantime, please disable the extension on our pages for a smooth experience.