Here's a concise overview of some recent technical improvements:

  • Critical Email Duplication Fix: We've addressed a crucial bug that caused the dispatch of duplicate emails under specific and rare conditions. Multiple safeguards have also been implemented to ensure this issue won't recur.

  • Enhanced design: All Noticeable component labels now have rounded corners for a sleek, modern appearance. You still have the possibility to enforce your own styles with custom CSS.

  • Email display optimization: Emails sent by Noticeable now display better on earlier versions of Outlook. For the best quality on retina displays, use a logo height of 128px, which will scale down to 64px.

  • Faster SDK load times: In our continuous effort to optimize user experience, we’ve reduced the size of the Noticeable SDK script by approximately 40%, leading to quicker initial loading times.

  • Spam countermeasures: Due to increased spam related to comments and reactions, we've reduced the rate limit for such actions. Several spam comments have been deleted, and we're actively developing more robust spam prevention measures.

  • Subscriber list fix: Fixed a pagination glitch when listing email subscribers from the dashboard.