• Added support for text color customization with labels. When creating or editing a label, you can now set a custom text color using the color picker or the hexadecimal notation.


  • Added support for the creation of links that include any scheme (e.g mailto:).

  • Fixed an issue causing the cursor to move at the top of the editor while editing a publication on Safari.

  • Fixed an issue preventing the creation of publications through the GraphQL API when no segments are specified and an organization account is on the Growth plan.

  • Fixed an issue flagging some Newspage pages as insecure on Firefox due to some Gravatar images being served using http instead of https.

  • Improved the display on the Noticeable dashboard of project logos not respecting the recommend 1:1 ratio.

  • Inserting inline-code using Markdown back ticks (`) now has better support for underscore (_) character input.

  • Pressing Enter while editing a list item is now creating a new list item instead of a line break.