• The links to download PDF for invoices have been fixed (this was broken due to a change on Stripe).


  • You can filter content using multiple labels. For instance, if you have labels A, B, C, D and you click on labels A and D from your Newspage’s menu, then you will get publications that have label A or label D set.

  • A visual loading state has been added to the button used to submit the subscription form.

  • Clicks on Call-To-Action buttons using the mouse middle click are counted as regular clicks.

  • Publication date and time are formatted using the locale defined in your project settings. If no formatting rules are available for your project language, we fall back to en-US.

  • The background color for CTA buttons is set to transparent by default instead of white.

  • The number of JavaScript files required to render the page has been drastically reduced.

  • The number of publications displayed on the home page has been increased to 9 from 5.

  • The subscribe button is hidden on pages related to subscriptions.

  • The resource /subscribe has moved to /subscriptions and a redirection has been set up for the transition.


  • The Newspage Embed widget is now communicating with other widgets. This means that publications read or seen state changes on your Newspage via the Embed widget are instantly propagated to the Popup widget if you are using both widgets in your pages.

  • When clicking on publication images from a Newspage Embed widget, the image opens in full resolution in a lightbox that is no longer attached to the inner frame but to the parent page, thus making the widget integration smooth and transparent.