• Newspage Atom and RSS feeds have been improved and pass W3C validation. We’ve also added support for JSON feeds. Here is an example for the Noticeable Newspage:


  • In preparation for a new feature, we deployed changes to the GraphQL API:

    • Email subscription statuses ARCHIVED and CLEANED have been deprecated and will be deleted after May 14, 2022. Instead, you should use new dedicated input arguments and output fields.

    • Input arguments isArchived and status have been added respectively to email subscription update and create mutations.

    • Email subscription data returned with mutations now includes isArchived, isCleaned and status output fields.

    • Fields deprecated since more than 6 months have been deleted.

  • Changes similar to the GraphQL API have been released to the Noticeable-Zapier integration. If you have active Zaps, an update might be required. In that case, you should have received an email from Zapier.

  • Examples for listing, fetching, creating, deleting, and updating email subscriptions using the API have been added to our GraphQL playground page.