• Editing a publication for adding a link was not triggering a save upon click to “Continue”.

  • Updating a draft publication title is now updating its slug. Previously, you had to update the publication slug manually after a title change, even if the publication was not yet published.

  • Fixed an issue preventing the Noticeable Embed Widget to show in the preview editor when a custom selector was defined.

  • Fixed a line wrapping issue with very long publication titles displayed on the publication list.

  • Fixed subscribers search input field not working on Firefox.

  • Fixed an issue that was erasing publication content upon saving when images with data URLs were included. An error message is now displayed in the editor and saving works properly.

  • Fixed concurrent edition warning box not disappearing upon conflict resolution.


  • Uniformized Call-To-Action (CTA) button style to be the same as the one used with Newspages.

  • Fixed an issue preventing Noticeable Widgets to load on pages with custom Content-Security-Policy (CSP).