Today, we're introducing new ways to retrieve and subscribe to publication comments so that you can easily include feedback you receive in your existing workflows or pipelines.

These new features complement the existing notification system, which sends an email to all Noticeable project collaborators who have opted to receive notifications whenever a publication comment is authored by one of your users.

The first addition is a new Zapier trigger that, once configured with a Zap, allows you to subscribe to publication comments and receive instant comment payloads that you can forward, handle, and/or process with any of the 5000+ other Zapier integrations:

The second change is the addition of new queries and fields in our GraphQL API to retrieve publication comments:

  • We've added a query to list all comments in a given project:

    publicationComments(projectId: ID!): PublicationCommentConnection

  • We've added a query that returns publication comments for a given project and comment identifier:

    publicationComment(projectId: ID!, commentId: ID!): PublicationComment

  • The Publication type now includes an optional comments field that can be used to list comments for the publication in question.

Sample queries are available on our playground

You will also notice that all post-related mutations, queries, and types have been deprecated and renamed to publication. Another announcement about these changes will follow in the next few days, but don't be afraid of deprecations - they will remain for at least 4 months before being removed.