We're delighted to bring you a significant technical upgrade that promises to improve both your experience and that of your users. We deemed it important to share this with you publicly given the potential benefits.

From this moment on, all images uploaded to Noticeable, whether newly added or previously uploaded, are hosted on the Cloudflare Content Delivery Network (CDN) with an aggressive caching strategy.

Cloudflare's impressive network spans over 300 cities globally, which dramatically reduces latency and ensures your images load quickly for users everywhere. Our aggressive caching policy amplifies these benefits by boosting the user experience during both initial loading and subsequent visits.

Moreover, we've broadened the image upload limitations. You are now permitted to upload image files up to 5MiB in size. In addition to GIF, JPEG, and PNG formats, we're also supporting SVG images, providing you with more flexibility and options.

Lastly, we've refined the URLs in which we present your uploaded images. Gone are the days of the generic Google domain URLs with their confusing hierarchy and opaque tokens. We've replaced them with clear URLs under the https://storage.noticeable.io domain name.