It was requested and long-awaited by some of you. The Noticeable JavaScript SDK is now officially supporting events. You can register a listener and get notified asynchronously with events when users perform actions with Noticeable widgets.

You can register a listener as follows:

noticeable.on('widget:opened', widgetId, function(event) { ... })

We support the following event types:

  • widget:closed

  • widget:opened

  • widget:publication:comment:created

  • widget:publication:reaction:created

  • widget:publication:reaction:updated

  • widget:publication:unread_count:changed

  • widget:publication:unseen_count:changed

  • widget:ready

  • widget:refreshed

  • widget:rendering:aborted

  • widget:trigger:ready

  • widget:trigger:refreshed

  • widget:trigger_view:clicked

  • widget:trigger_view:mouse_entered

  • widget:trigger_view:mouse_left

  • widget:widget_view:mouse_entered

  • widget:widget_view:mouse_left

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