A quick look back at 2021

So long, 2021! It was marked by productivity and growth. If we had to sum this year up in a few words, here’s what we’d say: more features, better user experiences, and even more success stories.

Here are some of the most important highlights of the year 🎉:

  • New Dashboard

    Last year, our dashboard took a step forward with a more intuitive, fresh, and easier-to-navigate interface. We also released analytics, developed a rich text editor, a live widget editor, added support for Call-To-Actions (CTA), implemented notification preferences, and many other customization options.

  • New Widgets and JavaScript SDK

    In 2021, we released a new version of the popup widget but also new modal and top-banner widgets. More layouts for more use cases and better product updates placement.

    Additionally, we also added support for code injection in widgets and the new JavaScript SDK makes use of the standard Web platform with a concise API that enables events support and cross-device synchronization.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

    Early last year we launched support for SSO. Our implementation supports OIDC and SAML industry-standard protocols. SSO reduces chances of hacks by only requiring one set of credentials and only logging each user in once per day. We also created an integration to appear in the Okta catalog for easier usage.

  • Improved Newspages

    2021 was also the opportunity to bring several enhancements and features to Newspages. This includes support for private Newspages to restrict accesses with a shared secret or by IP addresses, but also Right-to-left (RTL) support with Newspages and Widgets.

And many other amazing features!

Thank you!

This year Noticeable helped more businesses around the globe to engage and keep their users updated. Among them are Airfair, Checkout, Firstbase, Huggy, IBM, Lytx, Nylas, Picdrop, Pipplet, Synthesia, Testlodge, and more.

For the sake of every user, we’re committed to making Noticeable the best changelog as a service but we couldn’t do it without your support. Your feedback and suggestions were a valuable resource for the improvements we made in 2021, and they will continue to drive our roadmap this year.

We’d love to continue hearing from you in 2022! If you want to say a quick hello or drop a few suggestions, drop a line below, send us a message on Twitter or by email.

From the whole team at Noticeable, we want to wish you a great year ahead!